Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dude, Where Have You Been?

I started a new job in June of this year and my life has been a blur since then.  I was in the midst of training for my first sprint-triathlon, eating gloriously and then BAM - the wheels came off.  A new job, new city, and an extremely long commute interrupted my laid-back and tranquil existence.

I said all of that to let you know that eating a heart healthy diet requires planning and takes effort - I know that now.  I'm now away from my home from 5:15 am - 8:45 pm during the week and hauling fresh fruits and veggies is not always easy or convenient and takes precise planning.

My work out schedule has been more miss than hit.  My eating habits have suffered and I need to get back on track again.  For me, having a slim and trim physique was great but I am concerned about my ticker remaining strong and avoiding a surgeon cracking my chest cavity open because of a heart attack.

You, dear reader or non-reader, are my accountability partner.  I will assume hundreds will read these words of encouragement and will prolong their collective lives.  Thanks for being there for me and I apologize for ignoring you!