Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dude, Where Have You Been?

I started a new job in June of this year and my life has been a blur since then.  I was in the midst of training for my first sprint-triathlon, eating gloriously and then BAM - the wheels came off.  A new job, new city, and an extremely long commute interrupted my laid-back and tranquil existence.

I said all of that to let you know that eating a heart healthy diet requires planning and takes effort - I know that now.  I'm now away from my home from 5:15 am - 8:45 pm during the week and hauling fresh fruits and veggies is not always easy or convenient and takes precise planning.

My work out schedule has been more miss than hit.  My eating habits have suffered and I need to get back on track again.  For me, having a slim and trim physique was great but I am concerned about my ticker remaining strong and avoiding a surgeon cracking my chest cavity open because of a heart attack.

You, dear reader or non-reader, are my accountability partner.  I will assume hundreds will read these words of encouragement and will prolong their collective lives.  Thanks for being there for me and I apologize for ignoring you!

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Perfect Food

What do you imagine is the perfect food?  Surely, there must be one with all of the talk of super foods.. Right? Wrong.

The press (newspapers and TV talking heads) like to trumpet any type of "research" that seems exciting or new and improved.  Take the innocent acai berry for instance.  We've been told that it cures everything from  heart disease to ugliness to bunion but it doesn't.  I'm certain that it has some great qualities but it is only a piece of the puzzle.  Nothing more - nothing less.  If it were indeed magical why would people want to sell it?

Our bodies were designed by our Creator to thrive on plants.  We don't need to mix and match at certain times of the day. We simply need to eat a variety of them and our bodies will sort everything out. 

Yes, you might have heard that spinach is awesome - and it is but our bodies need more than spinach.  The truth is there is not one perfect food.  Yes, you may prefer the taste of thing to another but we need purple & red berries, orange roots and starches, green and white cruciferous plants, black and red beans, brown rice, yellow & red peppers, quinoa, walnuts & almonds, leafy greens such as bok choy, turnips, oranges, grapes...well I think you get the picture.

Don't let anyone talk you into the latest and greatest eating fad.  Simply eat copious amounts of fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains, and beans and you will be just fine.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Vegan Chili and Christian Rock

I'm a paradox.  Most vegans are not disciples of Christ and most disciples of Christ are not vegan but full blown carnivores bent on filling their arteries with saturated fats and cholesterol.  I happen to be both (and to top it off, I'm a libertarian!).  Okay, I guess I'm really not a vegan (as I've said before) but I do follow a plant-strong diet, I don't eat meat, dairy, fish, eggs or any animal products.  I'm closer to vegan than not vegan...anyway I digress.

When I first began following Christ I was "not in the choir" if you know what I mean.  One of my favorite past times was listening to music and going to concerts.  My musical tastes evolved (or I guess devolved depending on who is judging) but I never listened to gospel type music prior to following Christ.  Now I listen to and enjoy both. I was just never exposed to good gospel music.  (I'm looking at you Israel Houghton, Jesus Culture, Rock and Roll Worship Circus, Chris Falson, and Third Day, thanks for the tons of good tunes!)

My first concert was Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. I've seen dozens of bands including Black Sabbath, Metallica, Dio, Ozzy, Motley Crue, Queensryche...well you get the picture.  Music was a big part of my life and still is.  Music written and performed by Christians has improved DRAMATICALLY over the years.  In the early 90's it was TERRIBLE.  When a good band came around such as Tourniquet inevitably this type of conversation would ensure:

"Man, this song rocks! Who is it?"

"It's Tourniquet.  The song is Vanishing Lessons."

"Wow, it's great.  I wonder why haven't I ever heard this before?"

"You really like it?

"Yea, dude is phenomonal!" 

Then the hammer would drop in kind of a self-righteous, pharisaical way, "It's Christian."


Now as I've turned into a (ahem) vegan I see the same kind of thing happening. 

"Do you like those cupcakes?"

"Yea, they're great!" (just like Tony the Tiger)

Cue smirk and self-righteous tone...."They're vegan."

When can we get over this?  Skillet is music.  Switichfoot is music.  U2 is music.  The Black Keys - music.  My chili, paella, jambalaya, gumbo, fajitas, gnocchi, minestrone, burritos, enchilada, cream of any type of soup, stir fry, and anything else I cook is F.O.O.D.

Please stop saying "pass the vegetarian nachos" or "mmm could I have some more of your vegan tomato bisque soup?" Pass the nachos or could I have more soup is just fine. 

If you have dietary restrictions and you're asking for clarification that is different.  Can we stop sounding self-righteous and pretentious and just enjoy some food?

Before you go would you please crank up that aweome Christian screamo death metal and top off my vegan chai tea though?

Peace Out!