Friday, November 18, 2011

Not Vegan Enough?

I am of the caucasion persuasion.  White is not a race despite what many applications or government questions reflect.  It's impossible for me to get "more caucasian".  I am what I am.  If I am not caucasion enough for you too bad.

I stopped eating meat at the beginning of this year strictly for health reasons.  I read a few great books and decided to give it a shot.  I've struggled with high cholesterol and am totally adverse to taking medicine that will destroy other organs in order to save one --- especially when there was a simple alternative.  Unfortunately, most cardiologists are not preaching the right message. 

If I were to be labeled into a nice neat box vegan would be the closest label.  However, some vegans eat terribly (sweets, oils, etc).  Plus the majority of vegans I encountered were on a crusade to change everyone and everything.  If I wore a leather coat I was not vegan enough.  If my shoes were leather --- not vegan enough. 

I stopped reading comments on vegan blogs because many of these people made Constantine look like Mother Theresa.  I enjoy my freedom.  I enjoy eating plants.  I don't need a self-righeous person labeling me. 

Unfortunately, I can't come up with a proper name to identify how I eat. Plant eater sounds too Jurassic Park.  Nutritarian sounds like a cheap vitamin or supplement.  So the search is on.  Or I could go with this one: As soon as you label me, you negate me.

Thursday, November 17, 2011 Ron Paul Outplays Megyn Kelly Ron Paul Outplays Megyn Kelly: Such a gentleman.

The Destruction of Penn State

The story continues to unfold and gets creepier, seedier and nastier by the day.  I realize the legal process must take place and hopefully that will be sooner rather than later.  However, there are many things that can be done outside the legal process and here are some suggestions:
  1. Bond Downgrade - Moody's and S&P should investigate to see if a bond rating is appropriate.  The school lost control of this program decades ago and a message needs to be sent to all other institutions that they will be hit where it hurts them the most -- money. 
  2. Boycott - Consumers should contact advertisers and threaten to boycott products that are advertised during any game played by Penn State.
  3. Pull Ads - Advertisers should begin to pull their ads from games played by Penn State.
  4. Dropped from the Big 10 - Take Joe Paterno's name off of the Big 10 championship trophy was a needed step but more needs to be done.  I orginally thought kicking them out of the Big 10 would be the best thing but I am really not sure.  Maybe a long-term, painful, monetary penalty would be appropriate.  No bowl revenue sharing for 5 years and no football season through 2015.
  5. Transfer - the students did not have anything to do with the current scandal.  As such, they should be allowed to transfer to any other school without penalty or losing eligibility.  The leadership (so-called) of the school failed and the student-athletes should be allowed to play next year if another team wants them.
  6. Clean House - The board of trustees must fire every person associated with the Paterno regime.  Every person.  Yes, it is going to be expensive but it is necessary.  If janitors are afraid to report sexual misconduct for fear of losing their job the culture must be changed radically and the "weeds" need to be pulled from the roots.
  7. Hire Tough - The school needs a major overhaul and hiring the right people to proceed is going to be difficult.  Who knows, maybe this school will not recover.  Maybe this thing goes to deep and by removing the tumor the patient dies.  A 2nd or 3rd tier assistant at Directional State can't be the choice.  This is not going to be stepping stone.  From President to AD to Head Coach the right hire must be made.
  8. Accountability - The trustees and the school must be held accountable to someone outside the "family".  They've proven they can't be trusted and regular, comprehensive audits of coaches and support staff must be made. 
  9. Overturn - The commonwealth of Pennsylvania must overturn the law that protects its schools from making all information public.  They had the opportunity and now have forfeited it due to lawless deeds.
  10. Heal - There are dozens of hurting young men that need time and opportunity to heal.  They should not be forever labeled as "Sandusky's Victim" but should be allowed to somehow, someway heal from these wounds.  In our fervor for justice we can't and shouldn't allow these young men to re-live the agony.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Food For Thought

One of my favorite 3 Stooges lines of all times was between Shemp (I know, I know) and Moe.  Shemp informs Moe that fish is brain food and Moe replies, "then you should try to catch a whale." 

Food has the ability to improve cognitive function but conversely it has the ability to diminish it as well.  Our planet is populated with an abundance of nutritious, natural food sources that are packed with flavor.  Since the world has become smaller it is possible to enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables year round. 

Food (and drink) intrinsically draws people together.  Let's celebrate food.  Let's celebrate life.  Let's celebrate together.