Friday, November 18, 2011

Not Vegan Enough?

I am of the caucasion persuasion.  White is not a race despite what many applications or government questions reflect.  It's impossible for me to get "more caucasian".  I am what I am.  If I am not caucasion enough for you too bad.

I stopped eating meat at the beginning of this year strictly for health reasons.  I read a few great books and decided to give it a shot.  I've struggled with high cholesterol and am totally adverse to taking medicine that will destroy other organs in order to save one --- especially when there was a simple alternative.  Unfortunately, most cardiologists are not preaching the right message. 

If I were to be labeled into a nice neat box vegan would be the closest label.  However, some vegans eat terribly (sweets, oils, etc).  Plus the majority of vegans I encountered were on a crusade to change everyone and everything.  If I wore a leather coat I was not vegan enough.  If my shoes were leather --- not vegan enough. 

I stopped reading comments on vegan blogs because many of these people made Constantine look like Mother Theresa.  I enjoy my freedom.  I enjoy eating plants.  I don't need a self-righeous person labeling me. 

Unfortunately, I can't come up with a proper name to identify how I eat. Plant eater sounds too Jurassic Park.  Nutritarian sounds like a cheap vitamin or supplement.  So the search is on.  Or I could go with this one: As soon as you label me, you negate me.

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