Friday, March 30, 2012

Two Weeks to Go!

After being up a few weeks I finally began to see a drop in my weight.  Don’t get me wrong, I realize that losing weight is not the “alpha and omega” to a healthy life.  However, I know my body.  I know a significant amount of body fat still remains and could be lost.  Until I know that my body has reached its correct amount I will not stop attempting to lose weight.  Yes, my strength is increasing so I am adding some muscle mass. 
Too often, that is an excuse for not losing weight.  Few of us are built like NFL running backs or NBA point guards.  These people are rare and have a unique genetic set.  Most of us could afford to lose more weight but in a healthy manner.  According to several doctors the ideal weight for a “normal” man is 100 pounds up to 5 feet tall and additional 5 pounds for each inch in height.  I am a fun-sized man at 5’7” so according to those standards I should be around 135 pounds.  I am currently at 151 pounds.  Can I lose an additional 16 pounds?  It would be difficult but I believe “all things are possible” when we believe.
It’s nice to be down again.  We have two more weigh-ins scheduled (final one is 4/13).  I need to lose and additional 2.4 pounds over the next two weeks to meet my goal of 15 pounds.  I believe it is possible.

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