Friday, March 9, 2012

Why is the Bar So Low?

Happy Friday! 
The weight is still coming off a little bit at a time.  I was down almost 2 ½ pounds this week – praise God.  Still hanging tight with the Eat to Live concept and it is working well for me.   As for exercise, I am continuing with Insanity on Tuesday, Thursday, and most Saturdays.  I do strength training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and yoga on Sunday.  Actually I modify P90X to fit into 45 minutes.
My initial goal was to lose “the final 15” during this fit challenge but I think there will be more to lose than that.  There are 5 more weeks remaining in the challenge and I’ve been averaging about 1 ¾ pounds per week (which includes 2 weeks when I was up ½ pound+).  If I continue on my current pace I will have lost 21 pounds in 12 weeks.  I can tell a difference in my body but I also know there is more to lose.  When we’ve reached our ideal weight our bodies will inform us by not losing any additional weight. I still have love handles (that aren't so lovely) and a bit of a belly.
I think we have lowered the bar so much when it comes to health overweight is now considered normal.  When people begin to travel from obese to overweight to fit people think they are too skinny.  Excess belly weight is dangerous as it results in excess fat in the liver. Excess fat in the liver leads to many, many adverse health functions.  So it is essential to lose that extra insulation around our midsection.  I’ve found a plant based diet to be the best way to do that.
I am getting a lot of requests for plant strong recipes.  My wife has encourged me to put some together and make a book so I am working on that.  I want to get to about 100 recipes – wish me luck or pray for me (which ever is your forte).  I will begin posting some on a regular basis as soon as I get the minute details down pat.  Unfortunately I often cook by the seat of my pants and that must change. 

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