Friday, March 16, 2012

The Un-Luck of the Irish

I fell victim to St. Patrick’s Day and it is not until tomorrow.  UGH!  Weigh in today was the worst since beginning my weight loss challenge.  I wouldn’t say the train has totally derailed but there definitely needs to be some course corrections for the final month. 
Food day at work and I prepared Irish Soda bread and Perfect Pint Cupcakes (neither are plant strong) but I really didn’t intend to eat any of them.  I did, however, partake in a couple of bottles of Guiness and Harp.  Guiness was required for the cupcakes and Harp was on sale! 
Ironically, I also ate one or two, too many “Healthy” fiber bars this week.  I’ve been doing quite well not eating food from a box.  Here is the ironic part: I won two boxes of Fiber One bars for a contest in our weight loss challenge and instead of tossing them in the trash I ate them.  Well not all of them but too many of them.  The just have been dumped into the trash.  I promise not to go George Costanza and pick them out and eat them.  Scouts’ honor.
My workouts have been good.  I did Insanity all week and pull ups on Monday and Wednesday and probably will again tonight.  No problems with the exercise it’s the diet – always.
I must discipline myself to drop these last 10 pounds! No more eating between meals, no more snacks at the end of the night, and no more adult exlixir.  I need to know that I can do this and it can be done.  It’s not easy – if it were obesity wouldn’t be an epidemic.  I want to help others and can’t until I have helped myself.
Game On!  

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