Friday, March 1, 2013

A Healthy Breakfast?

I read many different blogs, websites, and books.  It's dangerous to ALWAYS agree with EVERYTHING someone says.  At times I read things just to keep my brain hopping despite my contempt for the author and subject matter.  Group Think is unhealthy.  Typically I can find a glimmer of truth or agreement on almost everything. Conversely, I can also find some BS in things I typically enjoy reading.  Case in point: THE HEALTHY BREAKFAST.

This is a quote from a blog I really enjoy reading. No, it's not a vegan or plant based food blog but they're bringing food and healthy eating into the equation.  I don't typically confront writers in the comment section of their blogs on things I disagree with because I think it is ill-mannered and tacky.  I'd never "shout someone down" if I heard them speaking in public so I believe it is cowardly to hide behind a keyboard and do it online.  Just my opinion.  HOWEVER... :)

Okay, seriously, here is the quote: "After your morning workout, try this healthy breakfast:"
  • 2-4 whole eggs
  • 1 cup assorted berries
  • 4 slices bacon (or turkey bacon)
Breakfast Benefits:
  • Having meat in your first meal will slow the rise of blood sugar, helping your energy levels slowly increase steadily throughout the day
  • The good fats found in eggs help raise testosterone levels, and also promote healthy brain function.
  • Dark berries – like raspberries – are low on the glycemic index, they’re also high in healthy fiber. Raspberries have also been shown to lower cortisol levels (a stress hormone).
Seriosly, 2-4 whole eggs.  That is the cholesterol equivalent of 2-4 Big Macs! Plus, bacon on top of it.  At least the dark berries are mentioned.  My guess is the writer is  Paleo because there are lots of protein and no breads (good thing). 

So, there are many people out there claiming many different things for health and well-being.  There are some extremely smart Paleos and some extremely smart plant-based eaters.  It's really up to an individual choice as to how we eat.  Never, ever follow someone blindly without conducting your own unbiased research.

My research was done on myself.  I tried many different things to get my lipids in line.  When I first began P90X I'd eat copious amounts of eggs, bacon and red meat to get "bigger".  I also saw my cholesterl numbers skyrocket.  I gave the plant-based diet a  60 day test run and it worked beautifully and I haven't looked back.  So it works for me. 

Find what works for you!

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