Friday, January 20, 2012

Official Weigh-In

Health Ahead, Biggest Loser, Dump-the-Plump, whatever it's called officially kicked off today.  I weighed in at 163.6 pounds, I am a bit over 5'6" so I am kind of fun-size I guess.  I have some pretty aggressive weight loss goals (at least for me) and want to finally get down to my "God ordained" weight. 

I am trying to evict the coffee demon that I've allowed to squat in my person for the past 15-20 years too.  So as one can imagine, I am kind of cranky right now.  Dealing with detox/withdrawal headaches.  I am hoping the worst is behind me but I still think the next few mornings will be tough. 

For breakfast I had a smoothie: Kale, mango, cilantro, soy milk, splash of OJ, and ground flaxseeds.  My lunch menu is a cup of chili sans carne and a large salad. 

Exercise - so far I have been taking it easy.  I've been walking on my treadmill in the mornings and reading for about 30 minutes.  Nothing strenuous but I get my HB up to about 100 bpm.  Nothing like Insanity when it gets to about 180 bpm and I have to back off but at least I am moving. 

So the games have begun and I need to push my mind, will, and emotions beyond their comfort zone during the next 90 days (and beyond).  I am confident my body will follow suit but the battle is definitely going to be in my mind.


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