Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Insanity: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

If you really want to sweat, if you really want to push your body then Insanity is the workout for you! 


Of all of the prior Beachbody products I have purchased the packaging for Insanity is in a league of its own.  It comes in a binder similar to a book and the DVD's are pressed in like pages.  Very nice. 

If you buy the kit from a BB coach you get the "Fast & Furious" DVD as a bonus and it's awesome.  In less than 25 minutes you have warmed up, stretched, and pushed yourself to the max.  Great for days when you're in a hurry. 

All of the routines are challenging.  It's nice seeing "professionals" falling over, gasping, and holding their sides during the exercises too.  Of course, I prefer some more than others but in my opinion Insanity is much better than P90X. 

There isn't one DVD that is >60 minutes. The ab video is shorter and more intense.  The stretching in Insanity is about 3-4 months longer than P90X too. 

Shaun T is the antithesis to Tony Horton.  Don't get me wrong, I love TH - he is more of an encourager.  Shaun T is more like a drill sargent.  Both are good for different things.


Not much to complain about hear so I will have to nit-pick to find anything.  In one DVD one of the "professionals" spits all over the gym.  It is absolutely disgusting.  That should have been edited and she should have been kicked out! NASTY.

Doing the "Fit Test" and then exercising is kind of silly, I think.  The recovery week is extremely boring.  Doing the same routine for 6 days is excruciating. 

Some of the exercises chosen seem kind of odd to me.  It's kind of like, "really, that's the best you could have thought of on this day?" 


Again, nothing ugly about the routines (except the spitter).  The ugly is me after doing Pure Cardio.  It is not a pretty sight but it is effective.

Definite buyer!

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