Friday, February 10, 2012

One Bite At a Time

I am astonished at how many people fail prior to ever attempting something.  Failure has been etched in their mind and success is no longer an option.  I’ve been sharing my cholesterol numbers with anyone that will listen.  Of course, many people I share these numbers with experience high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure.  “I could never do what you do,” they lament. 
I could never eat only plants.  I would never give up my Big Mac, Whopper, Double-Double, or whatever other fast food temptress that means more to them than a strong ticker.  By default they are saying:
·         Heart surgery can’t be that bad, right?
·         I want to die young – the golden years are overrated
·         If I don’t die young I want my last 5 years to be filled with hospital and myriad doctor visits
·         I really want to put my kids through the ringer.  I want them to stop their lives every 6 months and visit me in the CCU and think I am dying
·         I want to be known as the widow maker.
·         I don’t care if I can purchase a life insurance policy
·         I really don’t want to enjoy my grandkids
·         I enjoy testing my sugar every day – it’s freakin’ awesome
·         Meeting my annual deductible with prescription drugs is much better than taking a vacation with my family
·         One can never have too many spare tires or chins
There are dozens or even hundreds more of these types of remarks that could be made (please feel free to add them).  I simply get frustrated when someone tells me they CAN’T do something.  They are living in the land of Myopia.  When the taste of an Olive Burger supercedes the desire to play catch with a future grandkid we have a prioritization issue.
Our nation is in a health care crisis that is mostly preventable.  Heart disease is the #1 killer and it is preventable.  Obesity is the catalyst for many other ailments and it too is preventable.  Join me in my quest to put a dent in it one bite at a time.

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