Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Who Wants a Sick Ticker?

January 2011 I went for normal blood work consisting of total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, Triglycerides, and glucose.  To make a long story short only glucose and triglycerides were anywhere close to the acceptable range. The rest were alarmingly high or in the case of HDL way too low.  I was concerned and for good reason.

My family is from the south.  My maternal grandmother was born in Mississippi, my maternal grandfather Missouri.  My paternal grandmother born and raise in Virginia and my paternal grandfather Tennessee.  In my family everything was fried and covered in gravy and the sodium content was sky high. 

Little surprise that many members of my family began to gain excessive weight as manual, field work was exchanged for tractors and manufacturing jobs.  Eating habits are difficult to change.  Portion sizes were large for reason as physical exertion required sufficient fuel to get the job done.  Our jobs changed but our eating habits didn't evolve.

Heart issues and type 2 diabetes began to hit close to home.  So I made some subtle changes.  Subtle wasn't sufficient and moderation, at least in my life, was useless.   After getting my lab results in January 2011 I decided to give a plant based diet a shot.  I ordered The Engine 2 Diet, The China Study, and You Can Reverse Heart Disease and read them quickly.  I began implementing what I learned and adapting my food consumption accordingly.  After 60 days my total cholesterol dropped 59 points.  My LDL and HDL were still not where I wanted them so I decided to continue.

About six weeks ago I bought Eat to Live.  It was a bit different than the previous three and inspired me to dig deeper in my quest for excellent nutritional health.  I had my first physical since my prior lab test and my cholesterol numbers are mindblowing! Total = 133, LDL 78, Triglycerides 63, Glucose 93, and HDL 42. 

My prior doctor never even suggested a plant based diet.  Cardioligist, ditto.  I'm sure there are some out there that are hardcore in the diet area but not enough.  If you are struggling with these issues I highly recommend the books previously mentioned.  It might seem strange at first.  I decided having stents inserted or my heart cracked open or dying of a heart attack is strange.  Eating plants - not so much.

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