Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Life Sans Caffeine

Addictions are terrible in any form and yet we all have them in some way.  About three weeks ago I decided to take on my addiction to coffee (caffeine).  I wasn't the casual coffee drinker.  I would typically drink 10-12 cups per day -- all day.  I would start in the morning and would drink coffee all day up until bed time.

Of course as a youngster I didn't like the taste of coffee - it is an acquired taste, no?  While deployed to the Arabian Gulf on a US warship I began drinking it to faciliate many late, late nights on watch in the combat information center.  After the deployment was complete, I was hooked.  I never added sugar or creamer of any type -- simply black.

So I began my detox.  I didn't enlist any type of accountability partner because I honestly thought I would fail again.  I've tried many times and always failed.  Day one was pretty good - of course I was going on the excitement and momentum of making the decision to stop.  Day two: BRUTAL.  Headaches.  Crankiness.  Day three: same thing all over again.  The headaches continued through the fifth day.  Then nothing. 

Since I've stopped drinking coffee (I had stopped drinking tea the year prior) I sleep better and I think my disposition has improved.  Maybe it's coincidental but I actually seem to be nicer to people.  Also, the color of my teeth are improving!

I've replaced the hot drink with caffeine free herbal teas which hit the spot and do not require any sweetener. If you are thinking of quitting - give it a shot!

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