Monday, February 25, 2013


Einstein is often credited with the following quote: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Whether Einstein actually coined the term is not important. I'm certain we've all fell victim to that area though, right? I'd think to myself, "If I just keep at it I will get the results that I need!" Yet often when we find ourselves in a hole the last thing we do is stop digging! 

I have a work associate that has changed her eating habits and has done a fabulous job of losing weight.  When she first started she was at least 100 pounds over weight.  She started following Weight Watchers and it has been a tremendous blessing in her life.  However, she has now hit a plateua but still has about 35 pounds to lose. 

Unfortunately, she really isn't open to suggestions.  She has no intention of adopting a plant-strong diet - even for a brief period to jump start her metabolism.  When discussing things with her she is confident that she is eating a healthy diet.  She is well-intentioned but very much ill-informed.  For example she told me the other day that coffee was good for my heart.  Really? This is an intelligent person.  However, she is a microcosm of society.  She hears of ONE study that indicates coffee is good for your heart and buys it hook, line and sinker.  The meta analysis is too old school apparently.

We had a conversation the other day and were talking about our love of avocadoes.  She informed me she loves to slice a 1/4 avocado and put it on her fried egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast.  BINGO.  Okay, so you've hit a plateau and are eating fried egg and cheese sandwiches with avacado? I love avacodoes but also realize they are calorically dense.  Combined with fried eggs and cheese? Wow.

If you're experiencing a plateau I recommend a food journal.  Write down everything you eat and see where there might be some holes in your eating.  Better yet, use a food budget.  I kind of hijacked this idea from Dave Ramsey.  He teaches that we should spend our money on paper, on purpose before each month starts.  I say write down what you are going to eat each week on paper on purpose. If it's not on the food budget then don't eat it.

Hopefully fried egg & cheese sandwiches will not be on your budget.

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