Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lie+Repeat+ Lie+ Repeat = Truth

I don't have any love lost for 99.9% of politicians.  They, for the most part, tell people what they think they want to hear.  They also twist words, speak half truths and repeat lies ad nauseum until a vastly ignorant populace finally begins to believe it.  Health and nutrition "experts" apparently are no better.

Got Milk? Dairy of any type has harmful side effects.  Does it taste good? Of course.  It still is harmful to our bodies.  I'm always stunned by the "gross out" factor of people drinking human breast milk after infancy.  Could you imagine going to Starkbuck and asking for a double latte with breast milk rather than skim, whole, or soy?  For kicks, try it some time!  Yes, we think nothing of drinking cow, goat, or sheet utter milk or its byproducts.

Now the Meditarranean diet has reared its ugly head again.  I'm uncertain as to why this bad penny continues to return but it has.  All day yesterday I kept hearing of its magical powers at the top of each news hour.  Now the onslaught of ignorance will continue.  Here is a brief rebuttal

You see, processed foods simply are not healthy.  Olive oil is processed and processed and processed.  Olives = Good.  Olive oil = bad.  The idea that people will not follow a 95% plant based diet doesn't change the fact that it is the only one proven in thousands of studies and peer reviewed papers to halt and reverse heart disease.

Don't buy the hype.  Don't follow the lemmings off the cliffs of insanity.  Stay focused.  Stay on track. 

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