Monday, February 18, 2013

Muffin Tops and Love Handles

Words are powerful.  A skillful wordsmith can easily alter perception with a carefully prepared narrative.  Yes, often perception is reality but reality is more reality. Make sense?

Obesity is an epidemic in North America and it is going worldwide.  Sedentary lifestyles combined with over consumption of unhealthy foods and chronic stress are taking its toll on all of us.  Some push back by starting an exercise program such as walking, P90X, MMA, or playing team sports.  Often when people begin to exercise they start altering the foods they eat as well.  One doesn't want to work hard and then simply throw it all away by devouring a double-double, Frostee, or pitcher of beer.  Others simply wordsmith their way out.

A muffin top doesn't sound nearly as disgusting as fat ass, does it?  Love handles?  Those can't be bad can they?  So instead of holding ourselves accountable we create a mirage of denial and continue down the road of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure and other preventable diseases that slowly (sometimes not even slowly) kill us or at least minimize our quality of life.

I encourage you (if you haven't already) to start dissecting your diet and begin to implement whole food  plants.  Start moving: walking, running, swimming, basketball, soccer, chase your children, garden, whatever makes your heart beat increase.  Get your ticker racing and eat better.  This is not rocket surgery.

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