Wednesday, December 26, 2012

$8.00 Milk? Are You Crazy?

Fear mongering never stops in Washington D.C.  We're told that if Congress doesn't intervene then milk prices will skyrocket to $8.00 per gallon.  Oh my, really (hands to face with fearful look of disdain!).  PUHLEAZE!

First of all the government should not be involved in any type of price setting (read, fixing) whatsoever.  Our elected officials are a dithering tribe of nincompoops incapable of making anything work correctly much less a complex system such as the price of milk (or any other commodity).

Secondly, if milk prices were to climb people have other choices (plant milks) or even water that are not subsidized by an invasive and intrusive government.  Furthermore, demand for a product will decrease when price increases.  Production will eventually decline and a favorable market price will once again be established.  Of course the politicians in California and Wisconsin will not sit by idly while their (sorry, I can resist) cash cows are sacrificed.  My economic acumen is quite elementary but I encourage you to visit places where one can be educated and not indoctrinated by a buffoonish media.

People not drinking milk or eating dairy products might be the best thing about a fiscal cliff.  Unfortunately, prices will fall and people will once again eat and drink dairy that is harmful and unnecessary.

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