Monday, January 7, 2013

Chico's Bail Bonds, Bacon and More

There are bloggers that have thousands of page hits per day and actually make a living off of it.  There are bloggers that are funnier than me, better writers than me and more creative than me.  So why do I continue despite not being the best or even close to being the best?  Well, for one I figure I will get better.  When I improve the content of this site will improve.  The site will become more entertaining, inspirational, and educational.  Most importantly though, I want to push back on the force of ignorance.

There is someone in my life that I love dearly.  This person has a serious weight issue and all of the standard conditions that typically are associated with obesity: high blood pressure, out-of-control sugar, and most likely clogged arteries.  In an effort to help, this person, like many, turned to the Atkins diet.  Sugar numbers were posted and they've improved dramatically.  Everyone should be excited. right? This has to be THE answer, right? Not exactly.

Unfortunately, like most people myopia is the standard operating procedure.  Certainly, when one cuts out all carbs, weight will fall off and sugar will drop.  We don't need simple carbs (man-made goodies made with refined flours and sugar).  Not all carbs are created equal and our bodies need fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.  Why can't one simply drop this poison without embracing the Atkins hyperbole?

Many of those closest to me don't believe a plant-based diet is healthy.  What about protein?  What about getting some fat? You surely can't be getting enough calcium.  I answer and answer but they want to hear, "you can eat all of the bacon, eggs, pork chops and steak you want, and still lose weight!" Actually, Atkins was a genius at leveraging the base desires of humans and packaging it with a slick snake oil pitch.  Almost like living in the 1800's all over again.

Animal products have been proven to create many adverse health issues in countless peer reviewed studies.  When a person replaces spinach, peppers, onions, carrots, apples, and grapes with sausage, hot dogs, bologna, and chicken nuggets the long-term results are disastrous. Similar to what we're experiencing now in our nation.  We have a health care crisis and not just from the stooges in DC.

I might not be the best blogger or writer but if I can encourage or inspire one person to eat to live, exercise and live a longer, healthier life I will keep plodding along. As long as ignorance is spread like truth there is a reason for me to tap out some ideas and have faith they will get into the right hands.

This clip is from the movie Bad News Bears.  I like the absurdity of eating a bag of bacon.  The language is a bit salty so listen at your own peril. 

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