Monday, January 7, 2013

Fitness for the Masses

Fitness and healthy living is big business - $25 billion approximately.  I live in small town but we have many choices when it comes to fitness.  There's the old standby YMCA, Gold's Gym, we have several high end places that charge up to $250 per month. Pretty salty in my opinion.  Now we have a new option.

I saw the ads and the construction but didn't think much of it.  You know, 'here's another gym that will make a splash and then level off in February when everyone get's back to eating bad and being fat'.  This one seems to be a bit different, however.

I first heard about it from my brother-in-law on Christmas Eve.  He asked if I'd heard of the new gym.  I thought he meant the new high-end place but was mistaken.  No, not that one he assured me - Planet Fitness that's the one he was referring to.  He liked it.  He liked the no contract, low price and low frills while still being a nice place to workout.

Last night my brother mentioned it to me.  My brother is a volunteer police office and was athletic in high school.  He joined and hit personal bests on the bench at 8 reps of 250.  

$1.00 to join and $10.00 a month with no contract?  Sounds pretty good to me.  So last night my lovely bride mentioned joining too.  We have a Y membership but it "feels" really far away (it's like 5 miles) but perception is reality, right. 

Sounds like I might have a membership at both places.  I need the Y membership as I train for a sprint triathlon this summer. Maybe I can begin to workout with my brother and get my bench up to 250 --- doubt it but it would be fun to join him!

Welcome to our area Planet Fitness!

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