Thursday, January 10, 2013

Random Sports Rant

·         Bye, bye Brian - If I were Notre Dame I wouldn’t consider renogotiating Brian Kelly’s contract.  Sure, he had a good season (with a senior class he didn’t recruit) but he had one with the Bearcats and left them for greener pastures.  He signed the contract so hold his feet to the fire.  If he thinks life in Philly will be a walk in (Roosevelt) the Park he is sadly mistaken.  Philly isn’t Grand Rapids (GVSU), Mount Pleasant (CMU), Cincinatti, or South Bend.  The Irish job is now a “go to” destination and if Kelly wants to dabble in the NFL good riddance.
·         Vitamin B12 shot in the butt - It’s obvious that Barry Bonds used PED’s.  However, the guy was a 1st ballot hall of famer prior to getting the dreaded pumpkin head disease.  He was the rare 5-tool guy and was fun to watch play. 
·         Tale of Two Teams - Amazing how the Washington Nationals were over protective of their franchise player and had a legitimate chance to win the World Series and the Redskins didn’t really consider RGIII and didn’t really have a chance to win it all. 
·         The SEC – Amazing how good the football is in that conference.  I wish a real investigative reporter would do a story and find out why.  Yes, I know they have great players but why?  I’m not implying there is cheating but it would be fun to know what they know, you know?
·         The Cubs – repeat after me, “Wait ‘till next year.”
·         PTI – I was watching an episode where they reverted to 2001 and chronicled the Fighting Irish through Bob Davie, George (whatever his name is), Ty, and Charlie.  What I found fascinating was the info that is on deck or other things happening in the world of sports.  Tiger Woods name was up there practically all of the time.  Dang, that was a long fall.
·         Hockey – Did they have enough equity to do what they just did?  I’m not sure.  I think the sport will be damaged and will take some time to recover. 

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