Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Meatless Monday and Beyond

I like the simplicity of this article. Simple is always good. I am however going to amplify some of the content.

  1. Better Health - some meals are easier to modify for those not interested in a strict vegetarian diet.  Breakfast is easy in my opinion with one caveat: you're a fruit fan.  A 2-3 pieces of fruit and a handful of walnuts is the ultimate in fast food.  Try eating a banana, apple, an orange and some walnuts and you're on the right track.  Lunch is pretty simple if you like soup (winter) or salads in the warmer months.  WARNING: Don't drench your salads with high fat/high sugar dressings.
  2. More $$$ - Hamburger is now close to $5.00 per pound and a 5# bag of potatoes is about $1.99.  Bananas are about 50 cents a pound.  Beans are an inexpensive option too.  Many vegans try to be too fancy schmancy by including hard-to-find ingredients that rarely add expansive flavor or health benefits.  Stick with what can be bought in your produce section and you'll be just fine. Let's put an end to pretentious eating.
  3. Greener Planet - If I can drive my SUV and get the same benefit of a Prius without having to drive one ---- I'm all in.

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